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Finnos is a technology company established in 2016 during the process of generational changeover. We bought the business of Bintec Oy (established in 1988) supplying X-ray systems for sawmill industry. Finnos continues Bintec’s activities, and we are expanding our product and service offer for different industries.

Openness, honesty and cooperation

We are an active customer-oriented partner. In all our activities, we aim to ensure mutual commitment, motivation and development. The joy at work you feel should be passed on to the customer.

Continuous improvement and development

Complacency prevents development. We chart, identify and remove problems of our customers. We always try to get ahead as a company, product and partner.

Dynamism and implementation capacity

The most important corner stone of our activities is to be agile and maintain our ability to change the direction. Our products and activities respond to the changing requirements of our customers.

Our basic solutions are advanced modular products resulting from years of development work. From these we tailor a suitable solution for the customer.

Our recruitment activity is ongoing. We offer various roles with responsibilities in an inspiring and competent team and a work environment designed for creative work.

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Sawmill industry

Log sorting

We supply sorting systems based on laser and X-ray in accordance with customer requirements. They are supplied as a completely new package or to form part of an existing system.

Acceptance measurement

A separate application module can be attached to the sorting system to take care of the statutory acceptance measurements.

Systems for saw line

We are developing measuring systems based on various technologies for saw infeed, log turning, cutting pattern optimization and balk control. We will also develop solutions for dimension sorting and aligning as well.

We manufacture and deliver X-ray tomography and machine vision based measuring systems for log sorting and sawing optimization. The systems are being used for optimizing the efficiency ratio of the use of logs and for increasing the end product quality. Our expertise in general are X-Ray, laser and camera applications.

Our aim is to pioneer data analysis in sawmill industry. We provide solutions that can be quickly deployed to support decision making in sawmill business.


energy industries


We deliver online measuring systems for measuring quality features from pulp logs. Features affecting the quality and payment are, for example, dimensions, volume and density.

Chip analyzer

We are developing online measuring technlogy for analyzing the quality of chips online. Features of interest are volume, density, moisture content, foreign objects, chip size and bark content.

On-belt measurement

Our technology allows the online-measuring of logs directly from the wide belt conveyor. The system extracts features affecting the quality and payment of logs for pellet and OSB production.

We manufacture X-ray tomography and machine vision based measuring systems for quality and payment control of logs. The systems measure log-by-log on chain conveyor or continuous flow of logs from a wide belt conveyor. Chips are being analyzed online from belt conveyor.

We are specialized in rough industrial conditions and there is not practical upper limit for the speed of the material flow. Our default solutions are, after years of development, modular and flexible from which we tailor systems of best fit for each customers´ need.


Tile industry


Roof tiles are made of natural materials: clay, sand and cement. For this reason, it is possible that in spite of primary filtering invisible sand clods and air bubbles might remain on the surface.

Solution: Tile-X

The world´s first quality control system for roof tiles that is based on X-ray screening: it analyses a roof tile in a fraction of a second, removing from the process the tiles found faulty.

The modular Tile-X system can be extended with various measurement technologies such as laser profile measurement for surface quality and camera technology enabling analysis of paint surface.

The first Tile-X system for X-ray screening was installed at Ormax Monier roof tile factory in Orimattila in June 2015. The system was developed in close cooperation with the factory’s production staff in spring 2015.

Our fruitful development cooperation is still continuing in order to integrate new measurement technologies to the system.

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Fields of activity

In all areas of industry where raw material, semi-finished products or final products are conveyed in production lines, we can make direct and rapid use of the expertise resulting from our development work over the years. We utilize several measurement technologies in the wavelength range stretching from x-rays to infra-red.


Our product design is based on customer-orientation. The modular structures of our systems enable straightforward customization without any extra costs. All our systems can be extended with measurement modules based on various measurement technologies such as X-ray imaging or laser and colour cameras.

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